Residential Market covers a wide range of Electrical Products, our smart electrical solutions caters to every features a home buyer, home builder or home remodelers are looking for.


We deliver comprehensive electrical product solutions to meet your unique industry challenges. We provide electrical distribution equipment that keeps industrial operations powered and productive.

Oil and Gas

Oil and normal gas resources are profoundly in-demand for the power and energy sectors, and this will proceed to grow in future. Companies working in these sectors are frequently hard-pressed to put effective electrical systems in place that can handle the energy requirements without compromising on security and reliability. We are well prepared to supply you that cutting edge electrical arrangements to handle the weights and requests of forms in each perspective of the oil and gas industry.

Transmission & Distribution

Transmission and Distribution Space (T&D) is one of the main part of the power and energy industry, an important cluster of industries that include the production of machinery, electric lines and transformers and other smart grid frameworks to improve proficiency.