Tension Clamps for Uninsulated Messenger System

– Used with bracket or other supporting hardware
– Also used to strain the uninsulated neutral messenger and to provide angles of a LV-ABC system (without damaging the neutral messenger)
– Body Material – Cast aluminum alloy – High strength
– Wedges Material – engineering-plastic – UV and weather resistant
– Bail Material – stainless steel wire – Corrosion resistant flexible
– Tested according of NF C 33-041
– Can be used in REC projects in India.
– Has additional insulation and strength
– Allows live line working without any additional tools.
– for gripping bare cables – Grit is applied along gripping surface
– for easy turning in congested areas – Two clamps with a bracket used for large angle assembly
– reduces installation time and cost with Captive Design Clamp and a bracket used for straining
– Withstands extreme conditions

Bracket Features:
– Material – aluminum alloy – Heat treated and high strength corrosion resistant
– Mounting – M14 or M16 bolts or 20×0.7mm SS Straps