Compression Cable Bimetallic Lugs

– Made with Friction Welding
– Used to Terminate Aluminum Conductors Onto Copper Busbars
– Used in Switchgear, Control Panels
– Used in Combiner Boxes In Solar Plants
– Used to Prevent – Contact Of Dissimilar Metals – causes The Galvanic Action.
– Internal Surface is Covered With Grease (With A High Dropping Point).- To Protect From Oxidation
– Annealing Connectors And Lugs gives exceptional Adaptability
– To Prevent Oxidation And Corrosion – BS Standard Electro-Tinned Copper Components
– To Provide Dielectric Strength – Copper Terminals Are Insulated With Pvc
– To Insert Conductors Quickly – Entrance Is Bell-Mouthed